#12 – Learning Java – Twin Days (4)

Hey, everyone.  I’ve been working on my game called “Twin Days,” and I’ve basically got the storyline all planned out.

I might plan to host it here on WordPress if I can get it up here.

But basically, here is my plan to making Twin Days:

  1. Finish coding all needed functions.
  2. Step 1 and coding the entire game.
  3. Learning how to read and write to text files.
  4. Learning how to add a simple GUI.
  5. Adding read/write functions and the GUI.
  6. Releasing the game.

Right now, I am done with step 1.  When I am done coding the base game, I’ll tell you guys.

Currently, I can write the entire game from where I’m at.  My plan is to finish coding the entire game, including the dialogue, then to go over it and refine it.  Then, I’ll add the read/write functions.  The simple GUI will come next.  After that, I’ll convert the file to an applet and release the game here, if I can, or I’ll release it on SourceForge or some other place.


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